4 thoughts on “Episode 29: The End Of The WOTO As We Know It

  1. Dear RTB
    Apon listening to episode 29 of RTB (as the kids are calling these days) imagine the shock and horror I was to endure during my favourite segment of the show .
    Seagull news is a delightful addition to the show and the highlight of my week .However! It was soiled by the retelling of an old story covered by Dave in one first episodes
    Number 1 imposter Dan failed to inform your listeners of the LSD flying ants story with even half the charismatic charm and professional dedication as original presenter Dave .
    Please be aware Dan!, that the people here at the seagulls appreciation society (SAS if you will ) we don’t take kindly to any mockery of seagull news . Even if the sound effect to the news is clearly not a seagull we don’t mind because in our eyes Dave can do no wrong
    PS could you please send us any items of Dave’s clothing or anything he has touched for our collection… Even and old tea cup he has drunk from
    Thank you


    1. Dear Mr Henry Christopher,
      Please rest assured that RTB will rectify this unforeseen situation and will endeavour to please the SAS in the future. I’m sure you’ll understand that any repetition of Seagull News stories is meant only in the interest of public safety and awareness of what is becoming a dangerous epidemic that is attacking our society. I will request that Dave keeps a snotty tissue for you from the upcoming episode this week.
      Yours faithfully,


  2. Dear Henry

    In light of recent hot weather I thought it only appropriate to remind listeners that the sun does not bring just smiles and happiness. It also brings sex crazed flying ants and kamikaze seagulls.

    Or, after listening to 27 episodes of seagull berating my mind has forged just one big hazy memory and can’t remember the finer details.

    Yours sincerely



  3. Dear RTB/N1FD
    Thank you both for your swift reply on the seagull news tomfoolery .
    I’m am looking forward to another delightful and hilarious installment of seagull news.
    Any further mockery however will result in SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES!… Well another angry email but you get the point .

    Yours sincerely

    Henry Christopher .


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